study abroad

1. UK

London If a student decides to study overseas in the UK, – London is one of the best cities out there. With a diverse student body and multicultural backdrop, London is a testament to holistic greatness and has been consistently ranked at #1, in the QS Rankings. London is open to students and talent from around the world and home to 18 world-leading universities in UK like London Met, City University, University of Westminster etc., along with famous landmarks. The city also is host to a vibrant cultural life with excellent employment opportunities to help students gain the required skills to help them excel in real-world organizational settings.


Birmingham is another famous student city in the UK. With five universities, one of which is the University of Birmingham, it is the largest centre for higher education outside London. Along with being an incredible city to study in, Birmingham boasts a large student culture, with great infrastructure and a multicultural environment for students enrolled to courses in UK. Accommodation and living expenses are relatively lower as compared to London which attracts prospective students each year.

2. USA

New York New York is one of the most and active cities in the world and the United States of America. New York has a wide variety of things to offer, especially for its students. With several globally recognized universities in USA like NYU, Columbia University etc. offering internationally accredited degrees and courses, New York is one of the best destinations for students to study abroad. From the Subway system that operates 24 hours a day, the iconic yellow taxis, the city is an amalgamation of urban architecture, mirroring the diverse culture base. From parks to world-class restaurants and museums to Broadway, New York has something for everyone.


California is situated in one of the more tropical regions of the USA. While it is well known for incredible things, its prestigious universities are what set it apart. World-class universities in USA like UCLA, CSU, SFSU etc. and the largest innovative technology companies in the world can be found here. California is host to the world’s most famous film industry, Hollywood, and Silicon Valley, the hub of innovation. California, also known as the Golden State, is a great destination for students as it offers a truly diverse student population, hailing from different countries and ethnicities, and courses in USA that equip its international students with global skillsets.

3. Canada

Toronto Toronto is one of Canada’s premier study locations with a large of universities based in this city. Many world-class universities in Canada like Humber College, George Brown College, and the University of Toronto are in this city. With a large portion of Canada’s population living in this city, it is an extremely vibrant and bustling city. The diverse population, majorly of students, is a mix of people from every nationality enrolled to study courses in Canada. Along with these features, Toronto provides innumerable job opportunities in almost every industry. There are plenty of work opportunities open to students and graduates in particular. With its efficient transportation system, travelling through the city is fairly simple.


Ranking at 16 out of 120 cities, according to QS scored cities, Vancouver is home to internationally ranked universities like the University of British Columbia; Simon Fraser University, the city attracts the best of talent and students from across the globe. Since Vancouver is a tech-oriented city, some of the best study abroad programs offered at universities in Canada are mostly in the field of digital media, technology, and engineering among other fields of study as well. In terms of diversity, many ethnic and linguistic groups and inhabitants have found a home in his city. With a wide range of employment opportunities, freshers and graduates find jobs more efficiently.

4. Australia


In Australia, Melbourne is considered the best student city and the third best student city in the world, as listed by QS Best Student Cities. Known as the cultural capital of Australia, the city is hosts a multitude of ethnic and multicultural population for education abroad. Victoria is a global hub of knowledge that attracts the best academics and researchers from across the globe, with campuses offering a rich and rewarding student experience at universities in Australia like the University of Melbourne, Monash University and Deakin University, to name a few.


The capital of Australia, Sydney is one of the largest student cities. With internationally ranked universities in Australia like the University of Sydney, Macquarie University and University of New South Wales, the courses and curriculum are perfectly tailored to student requirements and for those who want to excel professionally in their careers. Each year Sydney welcomes many students and individuals to study abroad at university which belong to an excellent pool of talent. With a plethora of jobs available, Sydney helps graduates and young students secure jobs to help with living expenses.

5. New Zealand


Being highly ranked by QS at 27 across as one of the best student cities, Auckland offers carefully designed education pathways that provide internationally recognised qualifications and degrees through courses in New Zealand. With excellent education quality, a diverse student population and a high quality of living, Auckland is the perfect destination for international students. Along with international recognition, there are an abundance of study abroad areas and fields to choose from. With experienced faculty and applied based learning, each course provides superb career prospects.


Wellington, the capital of New Zealand, is an upcoming student destination in the world with its wide range of courses and diverse student population for study in New Zealand. Being a compact city, it is relatively easy to get around. As the cost of living and study is relatively more economical as compared to other bigger destinations, many aspiring choose Wellington as their destination to study abroad. Study Abroad at these top destinations with the help of Edwise.